The history of CKF Vrbas

The complex of the sports center in Vrbas was built in different phases and in this way it gradually started to function.

In the first phase, the construction of the indoor swimming pool, restaurant and the outdoor pools started. Funds were provided from the town’s budget and local voluntary contributions. 
In the second phase of the construction (1978-1980) sports hall was made. SIZ for physical culture provided the funds and the small amount of money was given by the local voluntary contributions of the town of Vrbas.
The third phase included the end of the construction of the indoor pool (which was only partially built) and restaurant with its accompanying contents. SIZ also gave the funds and these facilities started to function in the year of 1985. 
The fourth phase of the construction (1984-1986) included the construction of the outdoor facilities. SIZ for physical culture enabled the funds completely.  
In the fifth phase (1986-1987) the constructions of the building ‘Aneks’ was finished. SIZ for physical culture was again the most important factor for the construction of the building. 
CFK functions for over 15 years in this form and represents one of the prettiest and high-functional centers in Serbia



CFK Vrbas Foto galerija

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